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Our photography service is simple.

We arrive on a date of your choice and take individual portraits of all of your cast in costume, using our portable photography studio (this consists of a 9ft wide backdrop and flash photography lighting).

Most schools find it conveniant to arrange for the photos to be taken during a dress rehearsal (as shown in the video above) with the students being chaperoned over to have a photo taken before they go on stage.

Many people, initially, believe that individual portraits can be very time consuming, especially on the day of a dress rehearsal, this needn’t be the case! We regularly work with various schools year on year, taking both live stage shots and studio portraits of casts up to 300 strong, of all ages, and we always work within your time constraints. As mentioned, we can also arrange a 2nd photographer to take live stage photographs during the same dress rehearsal (this is only available when booking our portrait photography services on a dress rehearsal day).

The photos are then displayed on the night of the show for everyone to view and order. In addition to this the images are also available to view and order online (All photo galleries are fully password protected).

Our prices are very competitive, from as low as £5.00 a print, and a wide range of print sizes are available.

 Our online ordering service makes it quick and easy to view and order photos from your show, as well as being able to order DVD’s, BluRays and printed gifts, with all photo albums password protected and fully secured.

Visit to see how this works.

To request an example of our work please click here to send us an email or call us on 01793 321425.